[GEEKY] Foxmarks now supports Mac … one fewer reason to stay with Firefox

I read in Personal Technology (Wall Street Journal) today that Foxmarks, the handy, free utility that synchronizes my Firefox bookmarks between several computers, now works with Safari as well. Great. I tested it, and it does work just fine.

This blog post is being written with another handy firefox plugin called Scribefire, which lets me post to my blog directly from a page in the browser. It works really nicely and I use it frequently. I recommend it. Unfortunately they don’t support Safari yet. So I am staying with Firefox, for now.

By the way, why am I even considering deserting Firefox? Overall it works very well and the new 3.1 Beta 2 seems very fast. There are two areas of discontent:

  1. On Mac, the Print dialog box is non-standard, and who cares about that, except that the standard Print dialog on Leopard displays a very useful preview of the pages being printed, something that I frequently miss in Firefox.
  2. For unknown mysterious reasons (I suspect Flash but I don’t know) Firefox will go into a frenzy and eat up all my mac’s compute cycles. It’s annoying when I see my computer get slow, I have to check activity monitor and find Firefox the culprit. I am forced to exit Firefox to get my speed back.

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