mySociety are doing interesting stuff in the public arena

A british organization (or should I say organisation?) called mySociety has done some really cool publically minded open source projects.

Sites like FixMyStreet and WhatDoTheyKnow make so much sense and it would seem to me could easily be done here in the USA.

How about it, shall we do it. It doesn’t seem too hard!

Check out this post by Tom Steinberg where he muses about how they might be even able to do more: Why I Want a Million Quid:

“One of our key insights has started to become a hindrance. We love sites like FixMyStreet partly because they show how wonderful success can be achieved at implausibly low cost: about £6000 in the case of that site.

They take maintenance, sure, many tens of thousands of pounds a year once you have a number of such sites, but they are essentially elegant, scaleable small pieces of the web ecosystem.

We love them partly because they are so small and simple, and that affection can lead to a dangerous narrative that only small and zero-cost scalable can ever be seriously considered.” (from: from mySociety)

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