Transparency Camp

Everything’s a camp today, Foo Camp, Bar Camp and now Transparency Camp. I am attending this gathering in Washington D.C. to get closer to what’s going on in the open government movement. This is a pretty succinct summary of what it’s about:

“Convening a trans-partisan tribe of open government advocates from all walks — government representatives, technologists, developers, ngos, wonks & activists — to share knowledge on how to use new technologies to make our government transparent and meaningfully accessible to the public.” (from Transparency Camp)

What a new world! The degree of penetration of web 2.0, social media and technology into the machinations of the government is an eye-opener. There is also a lot of well informed passion around digging in around the edges of how things work, from legislation, to lobbying, to governing.

My question is, what is the impact of this, so far? While that’s not exactly clear to me (today) I feel that there will be an inevitable impact over time. These are early days, but this is very important work.

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