Amazon’s kindle on iPhone – Genius

The other day, Amazon released a free application on the iPhone (and iPod Touch.) On the surface, just another ebook application.

The application is free. When you run it the first thing you do is to register it to Amazon’s web site (using your normal Amazon username and password – you already have one, right?)  As far as the Amazon site goes, your iPhone is a Kindle. It shows up on your list of Kindles. And you can buy books for it. So now you can visit the Kindle Store on Amazon and buy books (and free book samples)

Now on my iPhone, magically, those books appear on my book list, and I can read them. There’s a huge collection of books and particularly nice, free initial chapters for a ton of books.

Here’s the genius part: I get a free app, experience the Amazon Kindle Store, get a bunch of free books and read them on my iPhone. The iPhone is a crappy ebook reader. The screen is too small: Solution: I guess I need a Kindle. Genius.

0 thoughts on “Amazon’s kindle on iPhone – Genius

  1. Cool; for some reason I thought you could only use the iPhone app if you already own a Kindle. (We now own two; I got Brian a Kindle 2 as an early birthday present.) The Kindle 2 is nice; it fixes basically all my complaints about the first gen product.I really like the iPhone app, despite my expectations, because it’s great for reading a few pages while waiting for my lunch order or where I otherwise don’t want to get the Kindle out of my bag. Amazon’s done a great job here.


  2. I’m not quite sure I agree with your premise that the iPhone makes for a lousy reader.I’ve been reading electronic-only for the last 6 years (new year’s promise to try it back in ’02) and I’ve never used a screen larger than the iPhone’s. Up until I got my 3G iPhone when it came out last year, I was using an ipaq 2015 which I think has a 3.5″ screen…with uBook, that was a hell of a great ebook reader….specially for somebody like me, who reads 3-5 books a week and reads them concurrently instead of sequentially…it’s a real PITA to carry around 3-5 paper books, even if they are just paperbacks.I have not used the Kindle on any of it’s generations, but I did use a Sony Reader (the first gen) for a few days and…it’s way too damn big to be carrying it around with me…and looking at the specs, the Kindle is about the same size or larger than the 1st gen Sony Reader…which makes it huge.My iPhone, with iPhone Bookshelf added on top, is the best reader I’ve ever had…and iPB has access to which is my book merchant of choice, and I can easily add books from my computer OTA, from anywhere :)So…yes, the Kindle can be a great reader (I still don’t understand the need for buttons, but…whatever works for selling more and making ebooks more prevalent), but…that doesn’t make the iPhone bad, at all.


  3. @Vox: I know lots of people like you who have no problems reading lots of text off a small LCD, but I’m not one of them. 10 pages, ok; 100 pages, no. I could never read a whole book off the iPhone.


  4. Oh, I understand that, Jared…my gf prints *everything*…it drives me crazy lol! But…she wouldn’t read off a Kindle either.The thing has a lot more to do with reading habits, I think, than with the devices themselfs. I rarely sit down to read us such…I read everywhere, at all times, every moment that I’m not doing something else. At the line at the supermarket, at the red light, while something compiles…if I have 60 seconds, I’ll read.The Kindle is more to be used like a book…grab it, sit in your favourite chair, turn on your perfectly-positioned lamp and *read*.


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