Maybe I hate my iPhone

This is from today’s New York Times Magazine. I didn’t know Virginia Heffernan was funny!

“Actually, the iPhone probably sips, like a lipsticky girl with a vodka drink. It usually does things in a cute way. Whatever. At 4 in the morning, I was in bed, fighting rage. I couldn’t stop thinking about that device’s tarty little face and those yapping “apps” you can download for it. The whole iPhone enterprise seemed to require so much attention, organization, explanation, praise, electricity. I know — I know: in the morning, Apple’s latest miracle machine would fill my palm with meaning and magic. So why couldn’t I contain my annoyance? I had no new-thing excitement. It dawned on me: I hated my iPhone.” (from I Hate My iPhone)

Read the whole thing, will you?

I actually don’t have an iPhone although I’ve been seriously considering getting one when the next generation comes out in June. Why have I waited so long? I worry that the reality won’t live up to the anticipation, and that I might grow, over time, to hate my iPhone or what it does to me.

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