Has Paula gotten Smarter?

I’ve been an American Idol fan for a while now, in fact from the very start. I’ve been commenting to the TV Set that Paula is seeming much smarter, incisive and interesting this year than in the past. I see I am not the only one to notice 🙂

“Advantage Paula, who, over and over again this season, has managed to emit little nuggets of wisdom. While the numerically challenged Kara tends to ramble and repeat stock phrases – “Who are you as an artist?” “What we’re looking for is artistry. . .” – Paula finds an apt analogy or suggests a useful bit of stagecraft. She told since-departed Megan Joy Corkrey, who danced like one of those plastic Hawaiian hula dolls, that she should sit on a stool beneath a spotlight. She told blind pianist Scott MacIntyre that he was boring us by sitting behind a piano every week. And while Simon poked fun at her in both cases, Paula happened to be right.” (from Globe.com)


0 thoughts on “Has Paula gotten Smarter?

  1. I totally agree– I’ve been trying to figure out whether she actually got smarter, or if maybe she’s off the pain medication and has always been this intelligent underneath it. What a huge difference; she’s the one whose opinion I actually want to hear this season!


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