Back from Barcamp Boston

This weekend I had a chance to attend BarCamp Boston (4). As usual it was fun and interesting and I had a chance to hang out and talk with a bunch of interesting people.

If you don’t know how a Bar Camp works, it is of the genre of “Unconferences” and one of the keys is that it has no program, ahead of time.

Kind of a leap of faith, you know? Anyway, the image to the left (and click on it to see the enlargement) shows how at the end of the meeting the program is fully visible, and actually quite interesting! Click on it to see a big englargement.

my card
Also for the first time, I got up the nerve to do a session on Voting Technology, my current focus area.

And here is a closeup of my brilliant bit of marketing for my session. The checkmarks are how other attendees indicate their interest in a topic, which is how it ends up on the board.  I think I had about 10-15 people participate. It was cool.

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