Manny being Manny

Check this post Thank you Jason Bay from 38 Pitches:

“… Yet somehow we’re hearing these same people talk about being struck momentarily stupid when West African bullfrog semen is found in their blood. “What? How’d that get there????”

Their routines, from reps to nutrition are as mapped out as scouting reports. They eat a certain way, train a certain way, and they play a certain way. There is no ‘black hole’ or ‘hidden formula’ happening in these instances.

So you get up at 5am? You eat at 6am? Thirty minutes of cardio, upper body, lower on alternate days, whirlpool for x minutes, maintain x calories of protein and carb intake? You do all that, and at some point you let someone stick a needle in your ass, or throw a ‘protein shake’ or rub a ‘crème’ on you, and for that 30 seconds to 5 minutes you have absolutely no thought, care or concern about the product? A step recognized as vital to strength gain, or recovery, a step to setup the acceleration of your recovery or magnification of gains from your hours of work and you just go dumb? (from: Thank you Jason Bay)

I agree with Curt Schilling on this. Come on. A guy like Manny has an army of doctors, nutricionists, trainers, lawyers and others around him making sure that it all goes like clockwork. And now somehow it’s like “I didn’t know what was in that stuff”? Come on.

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