Exploding head scene

An amusing article in Newsweek about Peter Arnell, self-styled renaissance man, inventor of the “Peapod“, a “a mix of Darth Vader, a bullet train, and a Citroën deux chevaux”:

“[snip…] With no air conditioning and a top speed of 25 miles per hour, the $12,500 Peapod is basically a fancy golf cart. Arnell hopes people will buy them for doing errands around town. He wants to call customers “peaple” and has designed a line of accessories: pens, flashlights, T shirts, baseball caps, shopping carts, picnic baskets, yoga bags, gardening sets. He’s even designed fragrance inserts that create an aromatherapy experience while you drive. “I would argue this business could be hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars,” he says. His counterpart at the meeting, a veteran Chrysler engineer, just nods and says, “Uh huh.” (from Newsweek Mad Man“)

And the promised exploding head scene from the same article:

“[… snip] if I stay much longer I fear that my head might explode. Either that or I’ll burst out laughing. After I leave it occurs to me that the way to understand Peter Arnell is to think of everything he does as a kind of high-stakes performance art. Not just the commercials and advertisements, but everything—the meetings, the memos, the celebrity phone calls, the crazy brainstorming genius shtick. When it works, it works. Who knows why? You can study it, but you can’t explain it. So Peter Arnell seduced PepsiCo into forking over millions of dollars, and gave them a memo about perimeter oscillations and the gravitational pull of a soda-pop can. Is that nuts? Probably.” (from Newsweek – Mad Man”)

I don’t know… I thought it was an interesting/funny article.

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