Just when I was thinking about stopping my NetFlix subscription

TIVO keeps on getting cooler and cooler:

“Netflix said it will begin testing a service Thursday that lets users with TiVo’s latest DVR models access movies and television shows from an online library of 12,000 Netflix titles. The service will be available at no additional charge to subscribers of Netflix’s DVD rental service, as long as the Netflix customers are on rental plans that cost at least $8.99 a month.” (from WSJ)

Odd, and sad for Netflix that somehow in my mind I am giving psychological credit for this new benefit to Tivo.

Odd also that essentially this says I am willing to spend an EXTRA $9 on my monthly Tivo bill to get at this huge collection of movies. Wait, am I, really???

Originally posted on Oct 31, 2008. Reprinted courtesy of ReRuns plug-in.

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