iPhone 3GS – Questions

Ok so I’ve had the new iPhone for a little while now. This is my first ever iPhone and I have some questions. Maybe you can help me?

  • iPhone knows how to announce the album name and artist (using the voice recognition “what song is that” command.) Then why can’t I enable it to automatically announce each and every song?
  • Why is it so dang hard to convert a DVD I own to iPhone format? I tried a bunch of ‘solutions’ using software I already have, as well as 2 or 3 utilities I downloaded. None finished successfully. All took forever. Isn’t there an easy way?

Any experts out there who want to comment?

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  1. 1) It’s not a feature that Apple thought you wanted, sorry.2) Because of the MPAA. DVDs are protected by a broken cryptographic system called CSS. Even though it’s broken, it’s still a copyright protection mechanism, and the DMCA forbids selling tools designed to circumvent copyright protection, even if it’s being done for reasons of legal fair use. Therefore, iTunes can’t rip DVDs nor can you buy particularly reputable software that can.What you want is a program called <a href="http://handbrake.fr/“ rel=”nofollow”>Handbrake; it’s free software that has all the right defaults for going to iPhone.


  2. Jered1) Silly them; I thought there would be a more subversive reason; after all the new ipod has that feature2) I tried Handbrake (as well as several others) and it crashed. I will try again. But it does take forever, eh?


  3. 1) Does it? I thought you have to press a button to request song info. Admittedly, that’s more convenient than having to go through voice control.2) Yeah; you can rip at maybe 2-4X real time, but H.264 encoding is time-consuming. Newer systems have coprocessing units just for that. On a modern machine you can do about real time, which is still 2 hours for a DVD.


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