Cambridge (Mass) on Forbes Top 10 list

Pretty cool report via Boston Globe, but see my minor complaint about it at the end:

“Hold all that gloom and doom about Massachusetts as a state with little to offer young folks. According to, the second-best place in the country for young college grads is none other than Cambridge, or more specifically the Cambridge-Newton-Framingham area, which ranks behind only San Jose among metro areas with over 1 million people.” (from Boston Globe)

It’s actually quite interesting to see the underlying detail of how the study was conducted, what was considered and not considered. You can find the detail in the actual Forbes Article, “Best Places to Start a Carreer” You learn there foreever, that 10 year carreer results were considered, and that Harvard Students who were born in Cambridge, and other similar biases were not considered (under the theory that the top-10 list wanted to focus on non-native residents of the cities.)

Hey Boston Globe Editor: Why do you make it so HARD to find the Forbes article that you’re quoting? The link you provide is to the overall Forbes site, not the actul article, which is actually not easy to find!

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