Insightful tying together of the Health Care “debate”, Woodstock, Kennedy and Mad Men

Check out this insightful editorial in Sunday’s New York by Frank Rich. I thought it was really good. Here’s an excerpt:

““It’s the economy, the facts that millions of people have lost their jobs and millions of others are afraid of losing theirs,” theorizes one heckled senator, Arlen Specter. That’s surely part of it. So is fear of more home foreclosures and credit card bankruptcies. So is fear of China, whose economic ascension stands in stark contrast to the collapse of traditional American industries from automobiles to newspapers. So is fear of Barack Obama, whose political ascension dramatizes the coming demographic order that will relegate whites to the American minority. In our uncharted new frontier, even the most reliable fixture for a half-century of American public life, the Kennedy family, is crumbling.” (from Mad Men Crashes Woodstock’s Birthday)

Can you imagine better free publicity for Mad Men? As a result, I eagerly awaited to see the season opener of Mad Men last night. It was disappointingly rudderless. What a missed opportunity. Instead of getting their hooks into a potentially new audience, nothing much happened. Yes it had the usual great acting and interesting vignettes. But nothing that would make it must see tv, although I still am putting it on my Tivo 🙂

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