Health Care Stories from the U.K.

Sure, one isolated story doesn’t prove anything, but then our health care debate often seems to be carried on the basis of isolated stories, so here’s an article about the British Health Care system that I came across this morning. From that article:

“[…]This, I learned, is what the NHS is about — common decency. It is about the shared belief that all the people who live in the United Kingdom constitute a society, and a decent society provides certain necessities for its members. Freedom from hunger is one. Police protection is another. Free healthcare from the cradle to the grave is simply one more item on this list.[…]” (from Salon, Why I love Britain’s health care system”)

In a world of a gazillion people it’s easy to find a convincing or touching or outraguous (true) story to argue one side or another of any argument. This is one more, and it reflects my belief: in a wealthy country, or any country, health care is a basic human right, like shelter and food, it is not a privilege.

0 thoughts on “Health Care Stories from the U.K.

  1. if shelter, food, and good medical care were all provided free to everyone by whatever government, then why go to school, study hard and get a good productive job? why bother? if the taxpayers who paid for everyone elses shelter, food, and medical care decided to switch from working to pay for all that stuff, to receiving all that free stuff (would be less stressful for them), what would happen?


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