[GEEKY] Best 24″ Flat Panel Display for a Mac Pro?

I was looking at the Apple LED Cinema Display 24” which, of course, looks gorgeous in the store. But it’s a little expensive ($899, which I was willing to eat.)

Looking at the customer comments, they are glowing, as expected. But there are many that say that the display suffers from a very short (and specialized) video chord. Not sure how short is short, but one said “2 inches” (can’t be right) and the other one said it didn’t reach the floor from a normal height desk. The other negative that I saw, which is no surprise, is that the built in speakers are so-so. So I am wavering.

I’d like to find some options for a nice 24″ flatpanel with built in microphone and camera. Any suggestions?

0 thoughts on “[GEEKY] Best 24″ Flat Panel Display for a Mac Pro?

  1. I recently treated myself to a Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP monitor, a relatively high-end 24″ monitor that I’m very pleased with. It’s currently $550, but their prices regularly drift up and down — it was $100 cheaper for times over the summer. No built-in microphone/camera though.


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