Interesting further commentary on Intuit purchase of Mint

I wrote about the Mint/Intuit deal the other day. Being an avid user, I had mixed feelings about this development. I came across this good post about the transaction, which puts a decidedly negative spin on it:

“Mint was a key leader of the next generation of game changers. And now it’s property of Intuit — the poster-child for the last generation. What a loss. Is that the best the next generation can do? Become part of the old generation? How about kicking the shit out of the old guys? What ever happened to that?” (from The Next Generation Bends Over)

A bit harsh to be sure. Read the comment stream, there are some interesting points and counter points made, such as:

“Every company, including Intuit, should have the opportunity to reinvent itself (if, in fact, this is part of what they’re hoping to do). In fact, a sign of a great company is one that can change. I don’t mind giving Intuit the chance to do that, regardless that they were “last decade’s leader”.

As a MINT user, the only real question I had was whether I trust my data in the hands of Intuit. I have decided to take that chance until I learn something differently.”(from jonathan)

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