Premature Evaluation?: Obama Wins Nobel Prize

Check out Premature Evaluation?: Obama Wins Nobel Prize(from The BRAD BLOG:

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.” (from: Premature Evaluation?: Obama Wins Nobel Prize)

I say, hooray for us! Hooray for the USA. Why can’t we just be proud that our president was given this honor, instead of people taking potshots at him for ‘not having accomplished anything’ yet?

It’s silly. There have been many Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to encourage and support an effort, even before it has yielded results. I suppose if we look back at press coverage back then we’d see the same nonsense.

Derrick Jackson of the Boston Globe captures it best for me:

“The Nobel Committee clearly was awarding Obama the Nobel for hauling America out of the pits of unilateralism. What had to come first was America fulfilling a major portion of the dream of another Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Martin Luther King Jr. For that, America is worthy. The Nobel Committee in fact might have made a mistake. It said, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.

It would have been better off proclaiming, “The Norwegian Nobel Committee awards its 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to the United States of America for having the courage to come full circle 233 years after a slave-owning nation declared independence by saying all men are created equal” ” (from The Boston Globe)

Well said.

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