Electricity Audit Survey Tool?

I want to do an electricity audit for my house. I am looking for a web site that lets me complete a survey of all my
electricity consuming devices and estimates my KWh. I suspect there may be many of these, is there one you recommend?

I know it’s really easy to do ‘by hand’, but I think there must be someone who did the research of how much power a Staples paper shredder uses when it’s on but not in use, and on, and on and on.

0 thoughts on “Electricity Audit Survey Tool?

  1. Kill-A-Watt meter — low-tech and no cool web interface, but works well enough to do one device at a time. You could go all-out and get “The Energy Detective”, which plugs into your fusebox and learns to profile every appliance in your house. It looked a little intimidating to me, but if you have some free time…


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