Stewart Alsop, Droid Doesn’t, Google UI

This is an insider’s three-fer. In this article, Stewart describes his horrible personal experience with the Verizon Droid. It’s a fun read. Three angles:

(1) It’s been years and years since I’ve seen Stewart Alsop publishing a product review. Stewart, years ago, was totally famous in the tech world as software taste maker par-excellence. Kind of like Walt Mossberg is today (whoops – you don’t know who Mossberg is?)

(2) All I’ve seen lately is hero worship of Google Android (cell phone software) and by extension, the new Verizon Droid. Here’s a review from Stewart that knocks down, slaps around, and buries the Droid. Wow! Welcome back Stewart, or haven’t I been looking in the right place? From the old days, I am sure you remember getting responses like this one 🙂 By the way, here’s what Mossberg thought of Droid.

(3) I’ve been meaning to call out Google’s terrible user interfaces for a while now. And I am not talking (just) about the totally inscrutable Wave (also subject of excessive hero worship, but in fairness, it’s still pre-beta) but good old stalwarts as GMail (great product with lots of UI suckitude, even though I use it every day) and even the good old I mean look at Bing. Simple and straightforward, and still elegant and easy on the eye. And fast loading. Even the top-secret ‘redesign’ or ‘update’ of the search page looks amateurish with ugly icons and ugly colors.

Ok, that’s my insider’s three-fer. Each one could be expanded into it’s own post, and, maybe I will!

0 thoughts on “Stewart Alsop, Droid Doesn’t, Google UI

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you on Bing vs. Google. I opened the front page of Bing just now for the first tie and it couldn’t be uglier. Some random picture (why is it here in the first place?), misaligned controls and badly colored labels. The results page is *clearly* modeled after Google, although Google has some new features there already, like user comments and bookmarks.


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