JetBlue: Summary cancellation

I was supposed to fly from San Fransisco to Boston today. Monday (2 days ago) I got an email from JetBlue saying, more or less: “Sorry to tell you, but your flight has been canceled. Please call 1-800-xxx to make a new reservation or get a refund.” No explanation of why. I was taken aback, but I guess it happens all the time. After spending 30 minutes on hold, I was able to make new plans which had me leaving a day early (yesterday.) Back safe and sound now.

To JetBlue’s credit for the moment, they are waving all change fees and more importantly, any fare differences. From their web site it seems like the flight was canceled due to ‘weather.’ While indeed tonight at 10pm we’re supposed to be in the middle of a blizzard here in Boston, on Monday, when they canceled, the weather today was predicted to ok. I guess they have better weather forecasters than the weather channel!

0 thoughts on “JetBlue: Summary cancellation

  1. Weather in Boston is not the only factor. Weather in the location where the plane was departing from in order to get to San Francisco is a factor, as is the weather in every upstream airport from that for the particular plane you are supposed to fly on. When you think about the logistical problems airlines face, including making sure that planes are at a facility where scheduled maintenance can be done in time to meet FAA requirements — but not too much beforehand, trying to optimize the use of multiple types of aircraft (for most airlines) with different ranges and capacities suited for different routes, dealing with both expected and unexpected air traffic delays, dealing with crew scheduling requirements — i.e., only so many hours on duty in a given time period, getting people to their home bases for their days off without having to put them in a passenger seat, etc., plus the extra complication of needing to have a crew with certifications for the particular type of aircraft if they need to make a substitution for any reason, and then of course there is the less then perfect ability to do weather prediction — all multiplied by many hundreds of flight legs per day though lots of different airports… It’s kind of remarkable that there’s ever a plane at the gate waiting to take you to your destination!


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