Handy site for Boston area techies

I came across VentureFizz. It’s a broad resource for Boston area techies: “VentureFizz can help you see what’s buzzing in Boston’s tech community” Particularly useful is their Event’s calendar, which as far as I can see is one of the better ones. An analogous site is Greenhorn Connect, which is trying to achieve something similar but seems more focused on up and coming entrepreneurs.

0 thoughts on “Handy site for Boston area techies

  1. Pito,Thanks for the mention. While there are some overlaps, Greenhorn Connect is specifically focused on the community as reflected across our blog featuring original content from the founding team as well as local community members and due to ability for the community to add resources and events.I’d also point you to this week’s calendar, where you’ll find over 40 different events going on in the greater Boston community: http://greenhornconnect.com/events/calendar/2010-W09 Through involving the community, we have built some the most comprehensive resource and events listing for Boston Entrepreneurs.Thanks,Jason


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