Everything is getting more complicated not simpler

Following on on my post yesterday about “What we don’t understand.”

As I was writing it, I was trying to use examples of simple things that just work without handholding, like an old dial telephone. Oh there’s an example. But did you notice how all the old examples are slowly falling away because they are also becoming too complex?

  • Cellphone: Ok it just works, but look at how fat the manual is. What percentage of users know how to use what percentage of the features
  • Television: Oops. Do you have the right remote? Wow the picture’s on but no sound! Oh wait, the sound is for Channel 5 but the picture is the DVD
  • Camera: Again, just weigh the manual
  • iPhone: Forget about it. Yes it’s easy for a technophile.  But multi touch? Press and hold?

No I am not underestimating the abilities of people out there. I claim that normal intelligent people are being asked to become technicians and geeks just to survive.

It shouldn’t be rocket surgery.

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