Huntington Theatre in Boston IS BACK!

They may not like me to say this, but as a longtime subscriber, I’ve been very disappointed for the last several seasons at the Huntington Theater in Boston. A very hit or miss program with only a few memorable plays.

Well I did stick with the Huntington and it’s time for me to say, like, Randy Jackson of American Idol: “The Huntington Theatre Is Back (man)”

This year we’ve been treated to a series of memorable, interesting, well produced shows. It’s been a pleasure.

Most recently, and still running are Becky Shaw and Stick Fly. They are  both excellent shows. They are maybe similar in that they are new plays, I think they are set more or less in the present, representing complicated and interesting relationship dilemmas, yet with humor. (Whoops, as I write that, I wonder, do I like them because that sounds like a TV Show?) I recommend you see them both though, they are really worth while.

Yes even this season had a couple of weak plays: A Long and Winding Road (boring autobiography by/about/with Maureen McGovern), A Civil War Christmas (ok, but somewhat hokey Christmas show)

But, on the positive: here are the great plays of this season at the Huntington:

  • Becky Shaw (Relationship drama: two love triangles overlapping and a really awkward double date.)
  • Stick Fly (Relationship drama surrounding a young couple who is seeking and not getting the approval of the family)
  • Fences (Fiftys father and son story)
  • All My Sons (World War II family story involving fraud and redemption)

Way to go Huntington! I think Becky Shaw and Stick Fly are still running. Go see them.

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