[GEEKY] iPhone earphones revisited

The earphone/microphone that came with my iPhone is acting odd. First I thought it was a problem with my ear, then with my iPhone, but it seems to be a problem with the earphones, which I never thought of as something that could actually fail, except if I broke it physically.

The sound quality is just fine, but it only gets 1/2 as loud as it should. How do I know? If I plug in a pair of brand-x earphones, I get the right sound level. Is this a plausible failure mode for the earphones?

P.s. Have you noticed that all these earphone pairs, the apple ones, but other brands too, have an unexplained tiny little clip along the wire in which you can slide another part of the wire? Nowhere is the purpose of this thing explained, but yet they all have it. What is it for???

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  1. Check out this (and keep reading past the “Shuffle” part):http://www.apple.com/support/headphones/replacementprogram/And I think the function of the little clip is so that if you’re winding the cord around something, you can clip the end to one of the previous loops. I never use it on my earbuds, but I use the same-looking little thing on my MacBook power-adapter all the time…


  2. The little slider on iPod (3G and later, I think) earphones is to aid in detangling. Start at the Y and pull it up towards the earphones to untangle or to prepare for wrapping conveniently. Because of the microphone widget, this doesn’t appear on the iPhone earbuds.I can’t help with the sound level issue, but I’ll point out that the iPod/iPhone earbuds are super-cheap, and have the quality that entails. If you care about quality, I really suggest buying a pair of decent earbuds (the Shure SE115 + mic kit is nice).


  3. I’ve had two pairs of Apple iPhone headphones die on me in the past few years, similar failures. One they just sounded soft (original headphones), another I had the tweeter driver in the right ear die (on the nicer in-ear headphones). Both times, they replaced them for free with a new set at the Apple store.


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