TIvo has an outrageous sale going on

Right now, take a look at Tivo’s Site. They are ‘giving away’ refurbished Tivos for $30.00. I just bought one the other day for $50 (they lowered the price again.) They must have a warehouse full of these. I think the very comprehensive set of cables that come with the device alone are worth the $30!

0 thoughts on “TIvo has an outrageous sale going on

  1. They’re pretty desperate for new subscribers at this point; the (terrible) DVRs you get from the cable company are eating into their profits significantly.Personally, I just switched from Tivo to Moxi (www.moxi.com). The interface isn’t nearly as intuitive, but it’s a lot better than the standard Motorola DVR interface (Passport Echo from Aptiv Digital, though you rarely see the branding — it’s sold to be branded by the cable provider). The main reasons I switched:1) Cost. Moxi is paid up-front with a price competitive to buying a Tivo (well, not these refurbs, but the original prices), and there are no monthly fees. $18/mo is awfully steep for essentially free program guide info. The big problem I had with Tivo is that you have to pay per box… I got a second TV, and a second TiVo would run $12/mo extra. That’s outrageous — for $18/mo I should be able to use as many devices as I want in one location.2) Advertising. For $18/mo, TiVo shouldn’t be throwing ads at me on the main page, pause screens, etc.3) Multi-room streaming. TiVo hasn’t changed in about 10 years, except superficially. In particular, you can’t stream video to another DVR, you have to copy it… which isn’t supported for programs recorded on premium channels. The Moxi has DVR boxes but also “Mates” which are small, diskless boxes that stream off the tuners and recordings on the main DVRs.Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the Moxi whole-heartedly yet. The UI is pretty but extremely quirky in a number of ways. They have been doing software updates, though, so I hope that they will address some of the items I’ve sent in bug reports.


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