This didn’t really happen

I am sitting on the lawn at the University, talking to a couple of friends. We hear a weird buzzing sound up in the air, and looking up we see an aircraft, flying very low. It looks kind of like an A-30 Warthog, but much much smaller. I guess it might be a radio controlled craft or maybe an UAV from the military. But strangely, it is able to fly very low, and very slow and even hover. It seems to be circling us, and actually watching us. It comes close to the ground but about 100 yards form us, and appears to study us. Soon another craft appears, equally small but this one is a helicopter. And it too, seems to be studying us.

For some reason this doesn’t freak us out too much. We just watch with amusement at the spectacle unfolding in front of us. But wait, one of the crafts now is actually landing and guy (I think it’s a guy) dressed all in black exits the craft, followed by two more people in similar outfits. They look somewhat threatening but they are not armed, as far as I can tell. They walk up to us and one of them talks to one of my friends and demands his phone number, which he gives and that’s that.

One of the other guys comes to me, and also asks me my phone number. Now I have no idea who these guys are, they wear no patches or badges, but of course I assume this is someone from the government, maybe DHS or CIA or FBI, who knows. I have nothing to hide but I don’t really appreciate being forced to give my phone number. So I stall but eventually give it. They seem to have a picture of me and are looking at some papers.

One of them asks me, “Did you write something about ‘finding the best route from gertenzang to rabb?”. I am not sure whether, if these guys are indeed from the government, I am required to respond. Is it a felony to lie to a federal officer? Still, I am not sure what to do. So I say, “Yes I wrote that.” They say, “What does it mean?”. I say, “It’s poetry.” They don’t buy this and get agitated. “So, what’s this gerstenzang and this rabb thing? Is it a code? It’s a code isn’t it?” I resent this totally. I think but in the end say, “No no, they are just names on buildings on this campus, that’s all.”

They look annoyed and aggravated, but talk amongst themselves, and finally go back into their crafts, and fly off.

I am shocked and dismayed by this incident. I don’t really know what happened.

I ask myself whether I should blog about this, or whether it’s safer to just forget about it.

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