Strictly Platonic

An interesting article in the New York Times Magazine today about ‘Strictly Platonic Relationships‘, according to Craigs’ List denizens:

‘And while they stress their lofty indifferences, the members of the Strictly Platonic crowd are equally passionate about their desire: conversation, conversation, conversation. Live, e-mail, phone, text, chat — platonic people, it seems, want people to talk to.’

0 thoughts on “Strictly Platonic

  1. I’m commenting here because your other post seems to have disappeared.Immediately before this in your RSS feed was a ReRun post from 2004, lamenting the horror that is Outlook. I’m amused/horrified that six years later, Outlook is still a disaster, everyone still runs it, and Mitch Kapor still hasn’t created a functional Chandler.Why’d you delete both the original and the rerun?


  2. I didn’t delete them; actually I just changed the date to have it comeout tomorrow because I assumed that no-one would see it away from thefront page. It is amazing though isn’t it that Outlook is still bad? Iactually haven’t used Outlook in years so from all I knew it hadmagically become a wonderful tool! Still, recent news from Microsoft,I guess they are still doing quite well selling office and windows!!


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