iPhones record everything you do?

Check this post iPhones Help Cops Solve Crimes By Capturing Everything You Type, Do from The Consumerist:

Cops love finding iPhones at crime scenes because the phones carry so much priceless data about your usage habits, or as the cops call it, evidence. That email you typed months back about feeling stabby when you drink? It’s still there because there because the iPhone captures everything you type to help fuel its spellcheck abilities—even emails you thought you deleted. And that’s not all. (from: iPhones Help Cops Solve Crimes By Capturing Everything You Type, Do)

Read the article; do you think it’s true? Snapping a screenshot every time you exit from the Mapping application? Sounds far fetched? Capturing all the text you type in to improve spell check? Hmm.Not that I have anything to hide 😉

0 thoughts on “iPhones record everything you do?

  1. It’s truthy. The mapping application along with other Apple-written iPhone apps captures a screenshot so that when the app restarts it can restore its state more efficiently. But there’s no way that it saves a history of screen caps.The “unknown words added to dictionary” factoid is also true; there was a different article a few months back about the type of information that spyware could get access to.So this is alarmist exaggeration of basically true stuff.


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