[GEEKY] Mac will be discontinuing support of Java

This is a weird development. Java is a super well established language, why would Apple decide to stop developing it:

“Apple’s announcement that they would be ceasing future development of their version of Java for the Mac has generated concern amongst Java developers.” (fromSteve Jobs Comments on Apple’s Java Discontinuation – Mac Rumors.)

N.B. Apple is not saying they are ceasing support of Java, but development of Java. I guess on other platforms (Windows etc.) the Java support and the Java code provided all comes from Sun/Oracle.

Up to now Apple has been on the forefront of providing a strong Java implementation on OS X. This presumably was because Apple felt strategically that they needed to have a strong Java, and that Sun/Oracle would not be providing it, presumably^2 because the OS X installed base was not large enough to justify it. So in summary:

Apple previously believed:

  1. OS X can’t be credible if it doesn’t have a strong Java implementation.
  2. Sun will think that OS X is not a big enough market to justify the investment.

And now Apple believes:

  1. OS X  no longer needs Java for credibility
  2. Perhaps the tables are now turned, and Sun/Oracle will need to have OS X to be credible going forward.


p.s. I just saw this blog post where James Gosling comments on Java on Mac and other recent developments.

0 thoughts on “[GEEKY] Mac will be discontinuing support of Java

  1. It’s not that Apple believes it doesn’t need Java for credibility–it’s that Oracle has agreed to produce the updates for Java for OS X from now on.


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