Path to nowhere? I don’t get it either…

I’ve seen Path, the new "un social" network (limit 50 friends) plugged by pundits and journalists. I tried it and just didn’t get it. Didn’t know what it was for, who it was for, and why it was getting attention. So I am glad finally to come across a commentator who seems to agree with me… Check this post Path Adds 10-Second Video to its Anti-Social Network from Mashable!:

Ultimately, Path appears to value style over function with an overwrought and contrarian approach to social networking. For a service that intends to be deeply intimate in purpose, it’s an approach that so far feels cold and unwelcoming. Of course, it’s too soon to tell whether Path is destined for success or doomed for failure. The pedigree of its founders and investors assures us, however, that we will certainly hear a lot more from this startup in the year ahead.

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