Free Will

“That journey will provide reasons for resisting the claim that a deterministic view of the material universe is incompatible with free will. Much of the apparent power of deterministic arguments comes from their focusing on isolated actions, or even components of actions, that have been excised from their context in the world of the self, so that they are more easily caught in the net of material causation.” (from How Can I Possibly Be Free?)

This is from a really difficult article called “How Can I Possibly Be Free?” in the New Atlantis. At least it was really difficult for me to really appreciate the nuance of the argument. So it’s not a matter of agreeing or not, but it is a fascinating read. I recommend it (if you are into that kind of thing 🙂

p.s. The New Atlantis is an online magazine that I recently stumbled across. I have learned a lot from some of the articles (like this one “Getting Over the Code Delusion”)


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