An Australian farm bigger than Texas. Really?

I heard yesterday that there is “at least one farm” in Australia bigger than Texas. I guess this was a way to remind me that Australia is really really big. Which I think I knew already so I let it go.

But then I got to thinking, Texas is pretty big too, and a single farm that size was still a little hard to believe. So I am looking for data. Can anyone prove or disprove the statement?

3 thoughts on “An Australian farm bigger than Texas. Really?

  1. hey dude yeah there is at least one farm as big of texas in australia, i would know i live there its fucking crazy ik


  2. Hey dude, I would love to see a link to it. Because, AU is big but Texas is pretty big too for a farm. Just wondering. Where is this farm?


  3. I heard the same thing and this is what I found- –Anna Creek Station is the world's largest working cattle station.It is located in the Australian state of South Australia. Its area is roughly 24,000 km2 (Texas is 696,241 km2).'S LARGEST FARM; Situated in Northwestern Canada and Contains 100 Square Miles (less than half of Texas).… I donno- still insane but may be not exactly the size of Texas. Or I'm not finding the right thing…


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