no longer supports Bank of America

It’s hard to believe, but here is what I got from when I asked why my Bank of America info was not updating on Mint:

Hi Pito,

Thank you for contacting

According to our engineers, we can’t support Bank of America due to unsupported authentication and/or challenge question format. We are, unfortunately, able to support the addition of products from that account at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience in this regard.

Have a nice day!

Thank you,
Naddy L.

So, no longer  supprts Bank of America accounts. Isn’t Bank of America one of the biggest (or THE biggest US bank?)

I am most certainly not having a nice day. Time to move on from


0 thoughts on “ no longer supports Bank of America

  1. Or move on from Bank of America. My experiences with them were that they had abysmal customer service and incompetent employees. They’re also the top player implicated in the current rash of fraudulent foreclosures. Why continue to give them business?


  2. I have mint and bank of america. I believe bank of america is the one who decided to block mint from accessing online banking. now i have even noticed that bank of america is making changes for it to work more like mint! although i dont like bofa anyway, that’s why i am now using chase. 🙂


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