Mac Mystery

Just reaching out you mac experts. I used to think I was one, but this one has me stumped.

Using Safari, every so often, while I am doing something (what?) shrinks the fonts of the page being displayed. In other words, does the equivalent of a Command/- or Command/+. It seems to have something to do with dragging the mouse while doing something else.

I know that a command-0 restores things normally. I also know that control-double-fingered-drag will enlarge the whole screen, that is, zoom in on the pixels. This is something else.

I can’t figure it out and neither can google. Do you know?

0 thoughts on “Mac Mystery

  1. Or a Magic Trackpad on which you could accidentally Pinch? When it happens, does a two-finger spreading gesture make things bigger again?


  2. Yay to glenn. I think it’s the pinch on my new MacBook Air. But Chris’ old MacBook Air also sees the problem. I have to go check if they have some kind of reverse compatibility mode on that one. Thanks!!


  3. This thing usually happens to me when I’m scrolling the page using the trackpad and then let my thumb drop and touch the pad. The page goes crazy. Maybe your mouse has a scroll-wheel combo with one of keyboard modifiers… It’s my best guess.


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