MSFT and Skype, my angle

Check this post Why Microsoft bought Skype from I, Cringely:

There is so much to write about but I’ll begin with Microsoft buying Skype for $8.5 billion. The pundits are debating whether this move by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer makes good business sense, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. The better approach is to wonder what would have happened had Microsoft not bought Skype? Based on the high price alone I’m fairly confident that Ballmer felt he had no choice but to buy. In fact I’m fairly certain he felt that not buying could have doomed Microsoft.

Ok there’s not much to add to this story, except one angle. In my view, this is good for Google. Say what? Microsoft is probably going to doll up (or ruin) Skype with all kinds of Microsoft specific crap making it heavy and ugly if you are not a Microsoftie.


Now you might argue that most of the world is a Microsoftie, and I assume you are right. But I wonder whether that is true of the millions of Skype users.

I know for my own sick mind, Skype began losing it’s luster as it made it’s Mac client bigger and uglier. That will only get worse. For my own sick mind, again, I am now more attracted to Google Voice than I was before.

If my own sick mind represents a sizable group, this can actually end up helping Google and hurting Microsoft.


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