[GEEKY] Yes, Virginia, Rails DOES scale

Why doesn’t every one love Rails? I am surprised when I run into someone (Pat?) who’s not so sure about Rails. Usually it’s about scalability.

[I warned you this is a geeky post]

When I am designing or building a system and am questioned about whether writing it in Ruby or Rails is a good idea. Or if someone asks me my opinion or for advice about whether it makes sense that his or her developers are recommending Rails for a big site.

What I believe is that scalability has to do with the overall system architecture — caching, queueing, horizontal scalability and so on. It does not have to do with the programming language. (What the LivingSocial guy said about this wasn’t quite as polite – he said “get better developers!!!”)

I am at this conference, RailsConf, overflowing with hard-core Rails fanatics, so the sample is admittedly biased. But I did pick up some fact-based tidbits.

Did you know that two of the biggest web sites out there today are built totally on Rails? And I don’t mean Twitter. No,  LivingSocial.com and Groupon.com. Both huge. Both perform beautifully. Both written totally in Rails.

‘Nuf said?

#railsconf — What, can’t I use hashtags in a blog post?

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