The flaw in the deal

I am assuming that you’ve followed the nonsense that has been going on in Washington D.C. about our so-called debt ceiling. If not this post will be meaninless and boring to you.

The deal stipulates that a new super-commision will be formed to sort out the additional 1+ Trillion in defecit reduction.  A majority of the commission has to agree on the particular program which will then be sent to the Congress for a “simple” up or down vote.

The famous triggers are designed to force this commision to come to a recommendation and the congress to accept them, because if they don’t there will be trouble. Trouble in the form of a forced set of cuts to Social Security (which liberals will hate) and to Defense (which conservatives will hate.) So the commision is amost guaranteed to come up with a compromise, even if very difficult, because the alternative, the trigger will be unacceptable.

Hmm. Didn’t we just go through this? There was an alternative which would be so unbelievably painful, that both sides could not help but make a compromise. That didn’t happen. No, the tea party decided to hold us all hostage (yes, I think that analogy is apt) and threaten to let the untinkable happen if they didn’t get their way.

The same damn thing will happen again with the so-called select committee. They will hold out to get everything they want even if it would mean serious and dangerous cuts to defense and serious and inhumane cuts to social security.

I don’t know who or why anyone thinks this time will be different.


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