[GEEKY] Moving away from self-hosted salas.com blog

Running my own Linux server has lost it’s sex appeal. Now I am going for simplicity and so I am exploring simply not having my own server but using one of the several cloud services. It turns out that there are lots of little bumps in the road to move from one to the other:

  • I like Tumblr. But there are no good ways to move from WordPress to Tumblr. Worse, when you move from one to the other, you have to deal with images yourself, in other words, Tumblr doesn’t let you upload your embedded images into their service. Hence I would not be able to Kill my old www.salas.com server.
  • Posterous looks interesting. That’s what you are looking at here. They imported my whole old blog apparently without a problem. But: they don’t have an API that BlogBridge works with (yet) and my other favorite posting app, Marsedit doesn’t support their apis either.
  • WordPress.com is another option that I am still exploring. They accepted the whole thing on from my old salas.com blog, but then promptly smacked it down because their algorithms decided that it contained spam or other badness. So it’s currently in pergatory. Still pursuing that one.
  • SquareSpace: did a very nice job importing my stuff and seems to do a nice job in general. But it is not free. Looks like about $12 per month. Well right now I am paying around $25 per month so it’s less but still, not free.

So you see my friends, things are never simple… I will keep you posted.

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