[GEEKY] Possible Decision to move to SquareSpace

I finally got my new blog on WordPress.com working. That should have been the simplest but their automatic spam detector encountered a single post referencing some free iPhone upgrade service I once mentioned. I had no idea that they were not legitimate at the time but anyway, I deleted that mention and all was well again.

So now WordPress.com looks like a good candidate. I know wordpress and I can run my blog, essentially unaltered on their site, for free, and ditch my $25/month server that does almost nothing other than serve up my blog.

Oh but there’s a fly in the ointment. WordPress.com does not allow me to keep my TextLinkAds. And I make over $100 per month on those so there goes the ‘free’ aspect of wordpress.com. It turns out that squarepspace.com has no so restriction, so they are once more in the lead.

Just wanted to update you … and have an excuse to post so I can see how I like this squarespace.com which at $12/month seems like a pretty good alternative just about now. Right now I am waiting to see whether I will be able to import my whole (6 years) of wordpress posts, while preserving the urls so my link juice and ad revenue does’t evaporate on me. I am optimistic.

0 thoughts on “[GEEKY] Possible Decision to move to SquareSpace

  1. I’ve migrated 2 sites from self-hosted wordpress to Squarespace. My only gotcha is that for some posts I was using the Markdown plugin, and Squarespace didn’t translate those correctly, which resulted in some botched images I still need to clean up. So be sure the input and output formatting types are aligned before you pull the trigger.


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