Fibonacci series and Photography

You can’t be a self-respecting computer or science geek and not have heard about the Fibonacci series. You know, 1-1-2-3-5-8… etc. How about Fibonacci’s Ratio? How about the Golden Mean or the Divine Proportion? Not sure, right?

Fibonacci, and its role in art, design and photography is a little less well known. As I continue to study photography and art I came across this excellent article about that very topic:

“Hopefully, this article has shed some light on a somewhat mysterious subject in the world of photography. Fibonacci’s Ratio is a powerful tool for composing your photographs, and it should’€™t be dismissed as a minor difference from the rule of thirds.

While the grids look similar, using Phi can sometimes mean the difference between a photo that just clicks, and one that does’€™t quite feel right. I’€™m certainly not saying that the rule of thirds doesn’€™t have a place in photography, but Phi is a far superior and much more intelligent and historically proven method for composing a scene.” (from Divine Composition With Fibonacci’s Ratio)


0 thoughts on “Fibonacci series and Photography

  1. Hey. That's true. I am constantly amazed when I am founding Fibonacci ratios aroud me. I use them in trading, you can find and use them in photography. It is crazy 😉 But this is true – you can easy find Fibonacci ratio on best photographs and images.


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