Amazing article about what’s going on in Syria


In the Sunday Times (of London, I gather, but they don’t feel the need to include that in their name) I saw this outstanding article about what’s going on in Syria. (No I don’t regularly read the Sunday Times, I got this through a link.

Here’s a little from the article by Marie Colvin:

“Our house was hit by a rocket so 17 of us were staying in one room,” she recalls as Mimi, her three-year-old daughter, and Mohamed, her five-year-old son, cling to her abaya.

“We had had nothing but sugar and water for two days and my husband went to try to find food.” It was the last time she saw Maziad, 30, who had worked in a mobile phone repair shop. “He was torn to pieces by a mortar shell.”

For Noor, it was a double tragedy. Adnan, her 27-year-old brother, was killed at Maziad’s side. “(from The Sunday Times)

The sad postscript is that this article was Marie Colvin’s last, as she was herself killed soon after in a bombing.