Letting out my Comcast frustrations

“Dear Kelley

I’ve had a very bad two days with Comcast, and if you check my account you will see that I’ve used Comcast for over 20 years!! But I am now talking to Verizon.

Because I don’t want to waste more time with you guys I will say this: I am glad to talk to someone serious who wants to know how you are going wrong. I don’t want to talk to a trained support person who is trying to calm me down. I am very calm.

Here is a short list of issues:

  • the web site says that the link is for an email to Rick Germano. This is clearly not the case as I am talking to you. You treat your customers like they are dummies.
  • your voice mail menu is horrible and time wasting. it seems tike it tries all it can do to avoid me talking to a person. Why even have an 800 number?
  • it is impossible to call a local office (like the one in Sommerville MA) to ask if they have a certain thing in stock to save me a trip as the only phone number is your horrible 800 number
  • the cable box that you gave me after I had to drive in the snow to pick it up, was defective. I know that because the second one I drove to the store in the snow to pick up just worked.
  • You use your customers as quality assurance instead of making sure that you don’t shrink wrap a boat anchor of a cable box that came from who knows where to hope it works for the next customer
  • t is impossible to find on your web site how much dvr is going to cost. I am forced to call (see complaint above)

Ok I could go on but am tired. I know you are trying to save money because competition is fierce but this is way too far for 2012.

Bye Bye. Pito Salas”

0 thoughts on “Letting out my Comcast frustrations

  1. Please post the response if the ygive you one. By the way Verizon FIOS is awesome. If you can switch, do it.


  2. From what I hear, if you have the option to go FIOS, do it. Right before the winter they did the install in my neighborhood and I am just waiting for the spring as they run the fiber optic cable underground to my house.


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