[ELECTIONS] Continuing debate on hand vs. machine counting

Just from today’s New York Times:

“Voters in New York State use a vote-scanning system that can tally votes swiftly and, in most cases, correctly. Not New York City. The city’s Board of Elections uses a creaky system of counting by hand that is prone to embarrassing errors on election night.” (from Why Can’t NYC Count Votes?)

0 thoughts on “[ELECTIONS] Continuing debate on hand vs. machine counting

  1. While it's true often manual recount of votes is bound to counting errors, never, I repeat, NEVER those counting errors can change the way an election goes – something very different is commiting plain fraud like it happen on the Bush vs. Gore presidential election, an outrageous one. (More examples here: http://rangevoting.org/PresFraud.html)On the other side, and being myself an IT professional, there's NO WAY we can trust any automatic vote system, no matter how much security restrictions and desing protection systems are glued to it because in the end _allways_ there's a backdoor that serves the usual suspects.Unless the whole code used by the vote machines is open-sourced and subject to public auditory, I will never trust it works as advertised. Call me paranoid, but I know what I'm talking about.just my 2 cents.


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