N.E.A.T. Product from Gruve: Fact or Fiction?

There’s something about this Gruve product that bugs me:

“The Gruve Solution is a new, completely revolutionary approach to weight management that incorporates the landmark discovery of N.E.A.T. (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which is all the calories one burns while doing normal (non-exercise) daily activity. Scientific research over 10 years found that increasing the N.E.A.T in daily life results in sustainable weight loss and a dramatic improvement in overall health. In other words, increasing daily N.E.A.T. activity is more effective at achieving sustainable weight loss and control than short term intense exercise!”

All the superlatives and buzz words, and then the promises. They also seem overblown. It just seems like a glorified pedometer.

Next is the price: $179 for the device, and then an annual subscription after year one of another $80.00. 

While apparently Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis has some coverage in ‘the literature’, I had to find that connection myself, there seems to be no mention of it on the web site. Another thing that makes me wonder.

What do you know?

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