Looking for eRoom

Long time ago I worked at a company called eRoom Technology where we developed a product called… eRoom. It was pretty successful and it was bought by a company called Documentum, that in turn was bought by a company called EMC. Today, on a lark, I was wondering what had happened to eRoom and I can’t really tell for sure.

Do you know: did eRoom become Documentum Centerstage? Or is that something else?

Do you know: does eRoom still exist? Or is the only thing left eRoom.net?

0 thoughts on “Looking for eRoom

  1. Hey Pito,You & Jeffrey did an amazing job building eRoom, and yes, it still exists today from EMC. CenterStage was SUPPOSED to replace eRoom, but it never caught on and died a slow death. Users still preferred the original program. There certainly has been some eRoom-to-SharePoint migrations that have decreased its market share, and new installations are down. Yet apparently EMC is still plenty content with its maintenance and eRoom.net revenue to keep it active, and it touts a 3-year End of Life date with every new point release, putting the most recent version on the shelf until around 2015.And even today, users prefer some of its ease of use to SharePoint, even if it lags behind in other ways. All these years I've continued to work with the product and offer eRoom services and hosting through our company, OpenVine. So again, thanks for your vision of a cool product which continues to benefit many companies—and helps me earn a living.


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