Theatre: Ryan Landry’s “M”

We saw “Ryan Landry’s “M””  at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End last weekend. I started out a bit suspiciously when the playwright (who’s not famous) name is part of the name of the play being promoted. The play is based on a famous film “M”. Here’s a bit from an interview:

When asked, “A German film from 1931 about a child killer … what made you want to turn this into a play?” Landry says: “Because it is a beautiful masterwork. A goal to which other artists should aspire. I chose this film because I wanted to write a play based on the most unfunny thing in the world and still make it [the play] funny. It is a sad play too. It is a human play” (from interview)

My review: I was surprised that I liked it (didn’t love it.) For me the play was not about a story – there was no discernible emotion or character development. For me it was fun, like the circus is fun – a spectacle.

Overall while I am on the topic: I’ve enjoyed this season of the Huntington Theatre tremendously, definitely one of the best seasons that I remember. (I’m no theatre expert by the way, so take that as purely one person’s subjective opinion). 

The Huntington is doing something great on their web site lately with media. They capture behind the scenes videos, interviews, and trailer-like promos of the plays. A really wonderful way to embrace social and multi media. 

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