Politics and the soul

An interesting post from my pal Peter Miller about how we all view the world through our own biases and it’s hard to disentangle those from what might feel like clear eyed reasoning. (See Peter, I summarized your article in one sentence 🙂

Politics and the Soul | ZeitgeistSurfer:

Every thoughtful conservative believes that liberals see the world through a distorting lens whose inner structure has been formed by their desire for a better, fairer, more just, more equal, more peaceful, less polluted world.  (Or perhaps it’s not that at all, but simply envy and the lust for revenge on those who have won life’s lottery.) Most conservatives believe that liberals do not fundamentally understand human nature. “Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made” as Kant said.  As we accumulate experience we encounter a nearly infinite variety of human types. Yet they all share a common core of instinct, rough desire, nobility and/or savagery.