Love/Hate Gmail

I’ve been using Gmail like forever now and have converted many friends and family members to using it. It’s great and it’s ridiculously cheap. Coupled with a good ad-suppressor plug-in for Safari (Mac) it works well for me. I do access it, almost always, via the desktop Mail app on Mac OSX, so I don’t experience it’s UI all the time.

But the Gmail UI is quite bizarre, with multiple different ways to do similar things, weird drop down menus and weird functionality in places. So it’s a little annoying, but, it does scale, it is cheap, and it is up almost all the time.

I only briefly considered the idea of moving from Gmail to something else when reading this article, but within seconds knew I would stay with Gmail. So all I got out of reading the article is an idea for a lousy blog post 🙂

Switching from Gmail to FastMail / Max Masnick:

I switched from Gmail to FastMail a few months ago and I’ve been meaning to write a post about how I did it. I saw a tweet about ads in Gmail that look like normal email this morning and thought, “Ads that look like email??? This is the last straw. I want to help people get out.”