Jonathan Harris on being stuck

Jonathan Harris is the creator of several really interesting web sites that in very creative ways combine art with computing. From his home page one might conclude that he’s a bit <xxx>

This is the website of Jonathan Harris. I make projects that explore the relationship between humans and technology, incorporating computer science, statistics, storytelling, visual art, and other techniques. I see our species evolving into a single meta-organism, brought to life by the Internet, even as we live our individual lives, searching for meaning and beauty. My projects straddle these scales of existence—from the planetary to the personal. I make work, give talks, write essays, run a storytelling communityand obsess about the number 27” (His web site is here)

Here’s a very well written piece in which he talks quite personally about some things that have challenged him emotionally and professionally. It’s a great piece even though it still is a little <xxx>.

Transom » Jonathan Harris:

I thought about stuckness, and about where I lost the flow. I remembered other times in my life I’d been stuck, and how the stuckness always eventually passed. I thought how life is a lot like that fountain, with its columns of water moving up and down, and how the low points are actually thrilling because the high points are about to come back, and how the high points are actually terrifying, because the low points always come next.