Independent Study

You will find that I want students to be fairly organized in their approach to their independent study. Please keep the following in mind. 

An independent study is not just some hacking fest for credit. You need to demonstrate at the end that you actually studied and learned something new and that it is interesting and deserving of credit and that you can present the results. So here’s how to start:

  • please set up a trello board for yourself with three columns: backlog, in progress, done and start putting cards into the backlog column. They should represent your brainstorming of possible items of work that might take 2 days or less, so not too big. You should put things there that you might have to do, so not limited to the ones that you know for sure.
  • please write up for me (or adapt what you’ve already written) a plan including:
    • a 1-2 paragraph max summary of the goal of the project
    • a 1-2 paragraph or bulleted list of what your deliverables might be an
    • 1-2 paragraphs on how you would like me to assess your work.
  • Look at my public calendar on google for free time and propose a 1 hour weekly meeting with me. We will start weekly but after one or two times we likely will switch to every other week.